About Us

CforAT's focus is on access to computers and technology for people with disabilities.

We do this so children with disabilities can succeed in school, adults with disabilities can find (and keep) jobs and all people with disabilities can use the internet, email and benefit from the digital revolution.

CforAT also provides business consulting services to corporations, libraries and government entities. We provide assistance on creating accessible websites and have a test bank of users with disabilities to test products and services.

CforAT supports use of technology to promote independent living for people with disabilities, providing information via online resources, and engaging in advocacy work to support policies that expand access to technology for people with disabilities, including the many people with disabilities who are low-income.

The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association awarded CforAT their “2019 Celebration of Excellence Public Service Award”. They produced a short video about CforAT and what we do - you can view the video here.

CforAT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Learn more about CforAT’s History

This spring our fearless leader for the past 20 years, Dmitri Belser, lost his battle with cancer. He was instrumental in growing CforAT from a small educational access organization to a leader in bridging digital access divides for people with disabilities and others facing access barriers. He was also the driving force in funding and building the Ed Roberts Campus, which set a new world standard in universal design. We are heartbroken to lose his vision, leadership, and humor.

Berkeleyside obituary for Dmitri Belser