The Disability Mural

Beautiful and Engaging Artwork about Disability

The Center for Accessible Technology also created the Disability Mural, an art work about the experience of living with a disability. The Ed Roberts Campus is now the permanent home of the Disability Mural, where several sections of the Mural are now on display. The Disability Mural is a unique expression of disability, the first community artwork created by people with disabilities. Individual 12" square tiles are painted or collaged to express the artist's experience with disability. The artists are people living with disabilities as well as individuals who do not have a disability but who have experienced disability through family or friends.

The goal of the Mural is to express the range of experiences and emotions of people touched by disability. The Mural has been compared to the Names Project Quilt; however, where the Quilt is a community expression of loss and grief, the Mural is a celebration of the lives and contributions of people with disabilities. The Mural has been displayed in a variety of venues including the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, Oakland City Hall, the Richmond Arts Center, and the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont.

A short video about the Disability Mural can be seen at The Disability Mural Video (Opens a new window)