We gratefully accept any donations to help keep CforAT providing the high quality services we are known for.

Donations assist us in maintaining our low and no cost services, which are particularly important to low-income families. We strive to never turn anyone away for lack of funds, and donations help us achieve this goal.

Over 9,000 beneficiaries

We also accept donations in the form of stocks. Please contact us for more information.

Any amount can make a difference

If you'd like to make a donation to support our work, you can send your check to:

The Center for Accessible Technology
3075 Adeline, Suite 220
Berkeley, CA 94703

Tax Deductions

Donations to CforAT are tax deductible, and we recommend that donors consult a used computer store or newspaper to assess fair market value of used equipment.

In accordance with IRS regulations, we will provide you with a thank-you letter to serve as a receipt.

Group of young students with an award

Group of older students