Keyboarding Classes

“To tell you the truth before I took the class I thought it would stink, but it turned out to be pretty fun…”

Learning to type efficiently is a first important step in becoming a proficient computer user. We have a strong belief that learning to keyboard requires the presence of a strong, positive teacher, and should be delivered in a concentrated time frame.

Our Keyboarding classes teach beginning keyboarders how to move from hunt and peck typing to coordinated touch typing. This class is aimed at kids who really cannot efficiently use a keyboard (i.e. typing less than 10 wpm). It is not a class for kids who are already typing at 20-30 wpm, but may have developed their own typing style.

Our goal in teaching keyboarding is to develop proper techniques without concern about typing speed. Speed evolves from practicing good technique. We use a language based approach which incorporates an alphabetical order, real words, text-to-speech feedback, and exaggerated tactile locators on the keyboard which provide tactile feedback (a multi-sensory approach seems to yield good results with most students).

These classes are small, with a maximum of 10 kids (though we must have a minimum of 6 kids registered to offer the class). All classes are offered in our fully accessible computer lab at the Ed Roberts Campus (3075 Adeline, Suite 220 in Berkeley, on top of the Ashby BART station).

Summer 2020 "Introduction to Keyboarding" Class

This summer we will be offering 2 "Introduction to Keyboarding" classes. Each consists of 8 sessions, with classes held on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for two weeks. All classes are open to kids entering grades 4 - 12.
See below for dates and times.

Session One

July 6th - 16th

3:30 - 4:30 PM


Session Two

July 6th - 16th

5:00 - 6:00 PM



All classes take place in the CforAT Computer Lab - 3075 Adeline (at the Ashby BART station), suite 220.

Read more information about keyboarding classes here. To sign your child up, fill out the Keyboarding Application (PDF Download) , print, fill it out, and and mail it along with a check to:
Center for Accessible Technology
3075 Adeline St., Suite 220
Berkeley, CA 94703

Please Note: Cancellations can be made up to one week before the class begins, with a full refund. We cannot refund any fees with less than one week's notice.
If you have any questions, please call us at (510)-841-3224